Blood Draw Service
In Milton Keynes

Blood Draw Service In Milton Keynes

In the heart of Milton Keynes, our clinic stands as a beacon for top-tier blood draw services. From routine venous draws to specialized therapeutic venesection, we're committed to providing seamless and expert care to every patient.

Comprehensive Blood Draw Services

  • Venous Blood Draws: Executed with precision and care, ensuring minimal discomfort.
  • Therapeutic Venesection: A specialized procedure offered for conditions like polycythemia and hemochromatosis, ensuring the safe and monitored removal of excess blood.
  • Blood Draw & Centrifuge of Samples: Employing state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure that samples are optimally prepared for accurate testing.


Venous Blood Draw ONLY

Our Venous Blood Draw service is a fundamental component of our blood draw offerings. Our skilled phlebotomists ensure precise, hygienic, and minimally discomforting venous blood sample collection.

With a commitment to efficiency, we provide fast results for routine check-ups, disease diagnosis, medication monitoring, and research. Trust our expertise to deliver a comfortable and professional experience.

Prioritize your health and schedule your Venous Blood Draw with us today for reliable results and excellent service.

NOTICE : Choose this option if you already have a blood draw kit and just need the samples to be taken.

Price TIME
15 Min.

Blood Draw + Centrifuge

Our “Blood Draw + Centrifuge” service combines the precision of venous blood sample collection with advanced centrifugation.

Our skilled phlebotomists ensure hygienic and minimally discomforting venous blood collection. Following the draw, our state-of-the-art centrifuge equipment is employed to efficiently prepare samples for testing.

This service is crucial for various medical assessments, research, and clinical trials. We prioritize efficiency, providing you with swift results and a comprehensive approach to your health needs.

Experience top-notch service by scheduling your “Blood Draw + Centrifuge” with us today.

Price TIME
45 Min.

Therapeutic Venesection

Our “Therapeutic Venesection” service is dedicated to the safe and monitored removal of excess blood, often recommended for specific medical conditions like polycythemia and hemochromatosis.

Our experienced team conducts this procedure with precision, ensuring minimal discomfort for the patient. We follow stringent hygiene and safety protocols, prioritizing your well-being.

Whether it’s for therapeutic purposes or as part of your ongoing treatment plan, we offer efficient and expert care.

Trust us for a professional and comfortable experience. Schedule your “Therapeutic Venesection” with us to ensure your health is in capable hands.

Price TIME
1 Hr.

Why Choose Our Blood Draw Service ?

  • Skilled Professionals: Our team is rigorously trained, offering expertise in every procedure.
  • Cutting-edge Facilities: From venesection to centrifugation, our clinic boasts the latest in medical technology.
  • Convenience & Flexibility: Located centrally in Milton Keynes, we provide flexible appointment slots to suit your schedule.
  • Patient-Centric Approach: Each step is taken to ensure your comfort and safety, from the initial prick to post-procedure care.

Serving Milton Keynes and Beyond

Our reputation extends beyond the borders of Milton Keynes. Recognized across the UK, our blood draw services set industry standards, reflecting commitment to quality and patient care.

From routine blood draws to therapeutic venesection, Shujo Aesthetics clinic ensures that every patient receives unparalleled care, accuracy, and professionalism.

Take the step towards comprehensive care. Schedule your blood draw with us today.