Lipo laser Treatment
In Milton Keynes

Lipo laser Treatment
In Milton Keynes

The Laser Lipo is a pain free inch loss treatment with no pain or no down time.

It’s a simple process which can take inches off target areas and provide dramatic results.

The treatment will consist of diode laser paddles attached to a strap and placed on the fatty areas whilst two smaller Probe lasers are placed over lympaathic glands and held in place by udnerwear. The Lasser Lip will then be switched on for 30 minutes and then relocated to another area if required.

The treated area will be measured to assess inch loss achieved and depednging on the client, results are expected to be between 0.5 and 3 inches.

Fluid intake must be increased to approximately 2-2.5 litres each day, and alcohol must be avoided for 72 hours after treatment, to ensure the efficient removal of the fat and waste products.

Treatment Overview

Procedure Duration

60 mins


4-6 sessions required 1-2 weeks apart. For maintenance 1 session every 3-6 months.

Pain Levels

Mild discomfort

Side Effects


Expected Results

Inches of fat loss, contouring and skin tightening

Return to work



No downtime

Duration of results

12 months (can be permanent with good lifestyle)

Pricing :

Lipo Laser 1 session
60 Min.
Package of 6