Profhilo Treatment
In Milton Keynes

At Shujo Aesthetics, we offer Profhilo for the treatment, following a consultation with our Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber.This treatment can be used on the face and the body where you need more collagen production such as the neck, the decollage, upper arms, hands and abdomen

Profhilo Treatment
In Milton Keynes

At Shujo Aesthetics, we offer bespoke weight loss treatment to help you get rid of the excess fat on your body using Aqualyx, following a consultation with our Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber.

What is PROFHILO®??

The functional component of PROFHILO® is an ultrapure grade hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is an ingredient which is naturally found in the body but depletes with age. PROFHILO® is the first BDDE-free stabilized injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) based product for treating skin laxity. The absence of this synthetic chemical commonly found in other dermal fillers is a great appeal for those seeking a more natural product as well as reassuring those concerned about chemicals in cosmetic injections.

Who is PROFHILO® for?

Profhilo® is typically chosen by men and women who are looking for a natural procedure to address loose skin/sagging (laxity) e.g. Cheeks jowls , boosting and deeply hydrating skin, improving elasticity and skin tone, remodeling ageing and sagging tissue, lifting for a younger look, restoring lost volume in temples, forehead, hands, neck.

PROFHILO® can be used on its own and also achieves excellent results in combination with other aesthetic treatments.

How does PROFHILO® work?

PROFHILO® contains one of the highest concentrations of stabilized hyaluronic acid on the market. Because it is thermally bonded and not chemically bonded it acts as a hydrator not a filler. It is injected just underneath the surface of the skin where it disperses quickly and reacts with your own tissue to instantly boost hydration. Over the next four weeks phase two kick in as it goes to work boosting elastin and collagen production. This effectively remodels the skin and giving it a plumper, smoother and firmer appearance.

Due to its gel like consistency Profhilo distributes smoothly and evenly without the formation of any lumps – a potential risk with traditional fillers. This means it can be used on areas which are difficult to treat with traditional fillers, such as the neck and forehead.

Profhilo can create a generalized replenishment of volume in order to address loose skin where the tissue has lost elasticity. Profhilo it is quite unlike other products: it is NOT a dermal filler used to create localized volume and is NOT a mesotherapy product designed to tighten and boost the skin, nor it is a skin booster for hydration.

Benefits of PROFHILO®

  • Effective – visible results after 1 month. Patented technology offers long-lasting results too
  • Secure – high purity and absence of additives means greater safety and reduced side-effects

  • Biocompatible – composed of highly pure grade hyaluronic acid produced by bio-fermentation

  • Natural – delivers especially soft and natural results

Treatment Overview

Procedure Duration

60 mins


2 sessions 1 month apart. Can maintain every 3-6 months

Pain Levels


Side Effects

Mild injection bumps

Expected Results

Much more hydrated, tighter and glowing skin, Collagen build

Return to work



No downtime

Duration of results

3-6 months

Pricing :

Treatment Area Price Average time
Profhilo (2 sessions required)
60 mins


No. While PROFHILO® is an injectable hyaluronic acid product, it is not designed to create localized volume but a generalized result, with tighter, firmer skin.


No, PROFHILO® also has a significant tightening and lifting effects.


For best results, we recommend two sets of injections the second session of PROFHILO® will be about 4 weeks after the first treatment.


The improvement in hydration develops within 2-4 weeks of the injections. Skin will glow and appear much healthier.

The skin will also tighten and look smoother, diminishing the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles.

PROFHILO® has a excellent safety record with no adverse reactions reported.

Side effects are generally mild and temporary. These include localized redness, discomfort and swelling in the area injected.